What crusher is used for bluestone crushing?

Bluestone is a commonly used raw material for construction sand and gravel. Depending on the material characteristics of bluestone and the application fields of finished materials, we can choose a two-stage or three-stage crushing mode.

Jaw crusher + cone crusher

Jaw crusher is used for coarse crushing of bluestone, and it can crush the stone to medium particle size to meet the feed size requirements of the secondary crusher. The cone crusher is used for medium and fine crushing of bluestone. It can directly produce stones of different specifications such as 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-31.5mm, etc. In terms of the choice of cone crusher, it is recommended to choose hydraulic cone crusher. Compared with spring cone crusher, the hydraulic system is more convenient for later repair and maintenance. In addition, the hydraulic cone crusher uses laminated crushing to reduce wear on the machine, and the finished stone particles are round and full, which solves the problem of the previous spring cone crusher having many flakes in the finished stone.

Jaw crusher + impact crusher

Cone crusher is suitable for medium and high hardness stones, and impact crusher is suitable for crushing medium and low hardness stones. However, the capacity of cone crusher is greater, and the impact crusher has a better grain shape. Secondary crushing equipment can be selected according to specific material characteristics and production requirements.

Jaw crusher + cone crusher + sand making machine or jaw crusher + impact crusher + sand making machine

This is a three-stage crushing mode. After the second stage of crushing, a sand making machine is added, which can process stones, stone powder, scraps, etc. into machine-made sand of less than 5 mm, thereby increasing the economic value of the entire production line.

This is a common configuration scheme for bluestone crushing production line, and the equipment needs to be adjusted according to specific production needs.

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