The equipment for limestone crushing production line

Limestone is mainly composed of calcium carbonate, which is a medium and low hardness rock. It is widely used in the production of building aggregates due to its good friability and low abrasiveness. In the past, due to the low hardness of limestone, many customers chose the crushing mode of jaw crusher + impact crusher, jaw crusher + hammer crusher. Now, due to the large-scale production requirements of sand and gravel fields, cone crusher has also become a commonly used limestone aggregate crushing production line equipment.

Common configuration methods of limestone crushing production line:

1. Jaw Crusher + Impact Crusher: It is a process widely used at home and abroad, and many companies are mostly configured in this way. The process is mature and reasonable, the operation rate is high, and the equipment investment is moderate.

2. Jaw Crusher + Hammer Crusher: The process is simple, the equipment investment is low, but the operation rate is low, and the powdery material is large. With the wear of the hammer head, the output is greatly reduced.

3. Impact crusher + impact crusher, hammer crusher + hammer crusher: in China, it is a process that appears after the primary impact crusher matures. It is characterized by a short process, low power consumption, high operation rate, and moderate equipment investment. However, the size of the feed opening of the second crusher is limited, and this model is not suitable for large-sized stones.

4. Jaw Crusher + Cone Crusher: This process is generally used for the crushing of medium and high hardness stones, and has not been widely used in limestone aggregate processing in the past. In recent years, as the demand for sand and gravel has entered an explosive period, the country’s requirements for the scale of sand and gravel fields tend to be larger, and cone crushers are increasingly used in limestone crushing production lines due to their high efficiency and large output.

Compared with the impact crusher and the hammer crusher, the cone crusher not only has a large output, but also has lower wear on the wearing parts, and the machine has a longer service life. Moreover, with the continuous improvement of cone crusher performance and the emergence of new products, the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher utilizes the principle of lamination and crushing, which also solves the traditional perception of many customers that the cone crusher produces poor aggregate particle shape and many needles.

Generally speaking, it is advisable to use cone crusher instead of impact crusher and hammer crusher in large limestone crushing production lines. Although the initial investment cost is higher, the later maintenance cost will be relatively low. When making equipment selection, you can choose a suitable solution on the basis of fully considering market factors, product quality and the comprehensive operating cost of the production line.

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