The advantages of the hydraulic cone crusher compared with spring cone crusher

(1) Due to the use of hydraulic adjustment and hydraulic protection, the hydraulic crusher omit the complex adjustment ring, supporting circle components and spring parts of the spring model. The equipment structure is simplified and the weight is light;

(2) The working principle of the hydraulic crusher is that with the rotation of the moving cone, the production efficiency is high and the work is stable;

(3) The hydraulic crusher can use the method of replacing the eccentric axis cover to change the eccentric distance to meet the needs of different crushing materials;

(4) There are bearing in the upper and lower parts of the main axis of the hydraulic crusher, which improves the stress of the spindle;

(5) Because the main axis of the hydraulic crusher adopts the simple branch beam structure, the main axis of the dynamic cone is small, which is generally equivalent to only 1/2 of the spring crusher.

(6) The hydraulic crusher adjusts the ore port and only needs to operate the hydraulic system control valve to complete the adjustment program. When you encounter an iron card, you only need to control the upper and lower losses up and down by manipulating the hydraulic operating valve to control the upper and lower losses, reducing the worker’s labor intensity and technical difficulty.

(7) The hydraulic crusher uses a sealing tube structure to prevent dust, which is more reliable than the spring crusher water seal, and in addition to the additional supply and drainage problem, the spring crusher water seal also has a failure of oil and water, causing poor lubrication.

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