The adjusting method of material accumulation in sand making machine

The rotor of the sand making machine is the core component. The crushed materials are crushed and shaped here. The accumulation of materials in the sand making machine is also a normal phenomenon. The key is to have the right amount. Too much accumulation will cause friction between the materials and the rotor and affect the service life of the rotor. So too much or too little material will affect the use of parts, thereby affecting the normal production of the sand making machine. How to adjust the amount of accumulated material?

1. Adjust the rotor

If the rotors just leave the factory without certain adjustments, it is generally difficult to achieve the ideal working state. Under normal circumstances, each rotor must be adjusted before it can be used.

Rotor adjustment refers to the control of the internal material accumulation of the rotor. The internal material accumulation can be controlled by changing the size, position and shape of the guide plate. The main purpose of adjusting the rotor is to ensure that the accumulated material can be spread from the rotor’s guide plate to the inserting head of the throwing head, and to keep the worn parts in the middle of the throwing head.

2. The adjustment method for insufficient material accumulation

If the material accumulation is lower than the height of the material ejection head, the width of the guide plate should be increased until the material accumulation is close to the height of the material ejection head. If the accumulation of material starts to erode the feeding barrel, the solution is to move the guide plate to the ejection head, so that the peak of the accumulation will move away from the feeding barrel without reducing the accumulation of the ejection head.

3. The adjustment method of excessive accumulation

If there is friction between the accumulation and the feeding barrel, narrow the guide plate until the accumulation begins to retreat from the throwing head. If the accumulation of material still corrodes the feeding barrel, move the guide plate forward, so that the peak of the accumulation is moved away from the feeding barrel again, without reducing the accumulation of the throwing head.

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