New energy classification and processing process

1. Common lithium ore types

1) Spodumene, mainly contain lithium native ore, ore Mohs hardness 6 (limestone is 3-3.5, quartz is 7), density is 2.7-2.9T/m3, the quality is mainly dependent on lithium oxide content, generally 1-6 1-6 %;

2) Lepidolite, mica mineral, another major category of lithium mineral, low hardness, low density, lithium oxide content is generally lower than that of spodumene;

3) Salt lake lithium, the source is mainly the lake with high salinity, no need to break.

2. Crushing process

1) Spodumene: According to the hard rock crushing process, the crushing finished products are generally 5-40mm. Combined with the customer requirements of different designs, two or three stages of crushing, crushing finished product with high-quality (4-5%) can be directly in metallurgical process production to produce lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide, the granularity of the finished product is generally about 20-40mm; the low-grade product is generally required into ball mill for grinding, and the particle size of the finished product is generally about 5-20mm;

2) Lepidulite: From the perspective of hardness, it is a soft rock. The small output can be considered in accordance with the crushing process of the soft rock; however, it is necessary to enter the metallurgical process later. From the perspective of stable operation, the customer will also require the use of cone crusher according to the hard rock crushing process; The finished products are generally thinner. It is also the main raw material for the production of lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide.

3. Processing process

1) Spodumene: The process that may be used in the mineral selection is flotation, re -election, etc., and the high grade product can be directly entered into the subsequent smelting process to produce lithium carbonate;
crushing will use ball mill

2) Lepidulite: Generally does not consider the mineral selection (non -absolute, a small amount will be considered), and the chemical composition of lepidulite is complicated. Many times the smelting process is directly used to produce lithium carbonate.

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