Neodymium iron boron powder grinding production line

Processing materials: NdFeB recycled materials

Finished fineness: 250 mesh

Equipment used: LM vertical roller mill

The project adopts intelligent batching, multi-layer furnace roasting, LM vertical roller mill system crushing and grinding, and finally produces mixed rare earth oxides. The entire production system is efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and highly automated.

NdFeB waste is a valuable rare earth secondary energy source, but the composition of waste from different sources is different, and the equipment requirements are extremely high in the grinding preparation process. NdFeB powder with stable purity, narrow particle size distribution and good fluidity is conducive to the production of magnetic rare earth products with excellent performance. The LM vertical roller mill perfectly matches the requirements of NdFeB grinding powder. It can not only achieve high product purity and precise particle size control, but also save energy and reduce consumption. It has a high degree of intelligence and can continue to produce stably for 24 hours.

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