Coal Pulverization Production Line

Coal is an important energy, widely used in electric power, iron and steel, textile, chemical industry, metallurgy and other fields. Raw coal is generally accompanied by substances such as sulfur. Traditional lump coal combustion has problems such as low combustion utilization rate and large pollution. Clean pulverized coal has the advantages of high combustion efficiency and no pollution.

Depending on the application and the fineness of the output, the selection of coal pulverizers will also be different.

For 60 mesh surface coal, which can be used to process humic acid, we can use MTW serie Raymond mill.

The LM serie vertical mill can process clean (high-efficiency) coal powder of 180 mesh to 200 mesh, and the finished product can be used for coal injection in blast furnaces in steel mills, and can be used for combustion in new environmental protection and energy-saving boilers, so as to realize the clean utilization of coal and reduce air pollution.

Project Benefits

1.We have mature pulverized coal preparation technology, professional scheme design capabilities, and complete supporting equipment supply capabilities.

2.Reached a long-term cooperative relationship with a number of heavyweight design institutes, and has strong scientific research support in various aspects such as material analysis, scientific configuration of production lines, and immobilization of various production line auxiliary equipment.

3.Grinding, explosion-proof, hot air stove, conveying, and dust removal systems are all in accordance with the advanced European level, and have been well received by customers.

4.PLC intelligent central control system, advanced control mode, comprehensive protection system, intelligent monitoring and maintenance system, high degree of automation. Greatly improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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