How to choose limestone grinding mill equipment?

Lime powder is a white powdery substance with calcium carbonate as the main component. It has a wide range of applications, and is commonly used in construction and metallurgical industries. With the adjustment of industrial structure and the continuous improvement of smelting technology, the quality requirements for limestone powder are also increased. So how to choose high-quality limestone grinding mill equipment?

According to material requirements

The finished product of raymond mill can be controlled at 45-180 microns (80-325 mesh), and the output range of vertical mill is 23-75 microns (200-600 mesh), which can be selected according to the fineness. If the budget is sufficient and the The fineness of the finished product is high and the energy consumption is low, so the vertical mill equipment is a very good choice.

According to production demand

The hourly output of raymond mill is less than 55 tons, and the production efficiency of vertical mill is high, which can produce 30-300 tons of materials per hour. The equipment has high grinding efficiency, and low power consumption. Although the price of vertical mill is higher, its relative production efficiency and energy consumption are better than raymond mill.

According to the humidity of the material

Raymond mill can be used to process materials with a humidity below 6%, and vertical mills can accept materials with a humidity below 15%. Different grinding mill equipment can be used for different degrees of dryness and wetness of materials.

Grinding mill selection and quotation

The selection scheme of each limestone grinding mill equipment is different, so the quotation is also different. But generally speaking, raymond mill has small output and small volume, and its price is lower than that of vertical mill with large output.

Specifically, according to the needs of customers, choose the selection plan and product quotation that suits your own needs. Only the mill that meets the grinding needs of the project is the ideal grinding equipment.

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