The processing and application of barite powder in new fields

China is a big country with barite resources.With the development of the ultrafine powder industry, limestone powder, calcium carbonate powder and other stone powders are used in the paper industry, so barite powder is not only used in petroleum, chemical, paint, filler and other industrial sectors, but also in the textile industry. The use of barite powder in the textile industry can make the cloth more compact, less prone to creases, and has hardness, thereby improving the quality. The cloth produced by this method is as smooth as silk and satin, and the color is also shiny, which has become the choice of many clothing enterprises. So what equipment are there for the production of barite powder? The following is an introduction to the recommended production equipment according to different discharge particle sizes.

The barite ore is first crushed by the crusher, and then crushed to ≤50mm and then entered into the mill. The main mills are: 80-400 mesh fine powder field: LM vertical roller mill, MTW European type mill, TGM super-pressure trapezium mill; 400-3250 mesh ultra-fine powder field: LUM ultra-fine vertical mill, HGM ultra-fine ring roller mill.

Barite powder is more and more widely used. Deep processing of barite, such as ultra-fine powder, purification and surface modification, can not only broaden the application field, but also have better economic benefits。A series of barite powder mills developed and produced by Fighter can produce barite powder 80-3250 mesh, from crushing-screening-gravity-dehydration-drying-grinding integration, welcome to contact us for more details!

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