Manganese ore powder grinding equipment helps the lithium-ion battery industry

Global consumption in 2022 slowly recovered, the global manganese ore output reached 58.8 million tons, and the output of Chinese manganese ore in 2022 reached 6.45 million tons. The application of manganese on lithium -ion batteries has increased significantly.

Manganese is an important raw material for the development of emerging industries such as new energy and new materials.In particular, new energy vehicles, power batteries and other industries have brought new opportunities and development space for the deep processing transformation of manganese.

Manganese is a very strong reducing agent. It can absorb all oxygen from steel water, so that there is no iron oxide in the steel and become non -perforated steel ingots. Secondly, manganese is also an excellent sulfur removal agent. It can remove the whole sulfur in the steel water. Adding a small amount of manganese to the steel can greatly increase the mechanical properties of steel, such as delay, exhibition, toughness, and anti -wear ability. Therefore, manganese ore grinding equipment is used to grind manganese ore into powder and can be used in the steel smelting industry.

Battery of manganese dioxide is used as a positive electrode and lithium as a negative electrode is 5 to 10 times that of dry batteries.The manganese powder grinding equipment can be used for manganese ore into the preparation of lithium batteries, and produces high -value lithium batteries.

As a professional manufacturer of manganese ore grinding equipment, our LM vertical grinding machine has high production efficiency, which can grind manganese ore to the fineness of application standards to meet the application of various industries.

For more information about the production equipment of manganese powder, welcome to contact our online service!

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