How to improve the technical content and added value of iron ore tailings products

With the rapid development of the iron and steel industry, iron ore tailings account for an increasing proportion of industrial solid waste. Re-selection of tailings or recovery of valuable elements is one of the main and recommended measures for the overall comprehensive utilization of tailings, including re-selection of old tailings and re-selection of newly produced tailings. Tailings re-election can not only reduce tailings dam construction and maintenance costs, save costs of grinding, mining, transportation, etc., but also save greater investment in equipment and new process development, so it has been paid more and more attention.

Iron tailings are the wastes discharged after the ore is ground by crushers and mills and selected “useful components” in the concentrator under specific economic and technical conditions, that is, the remaining solids after the ore has been selected for concentrate waste. It is a composite mineral raw material, except for a small amount of metal components, its main mineral components are gangue minerals, such as quartz, pyroxene, feldspar, garnet, hornblende and its alteration minerals. China’s iron ore resources are embedded with fine particle size, and generally need to go through two-stage grinding of crushers and mills, and a few three-stage grinding and separation. Therefore, in addition to some coarse-grained tailings thrown out by pre-selection, most of the tailings discharged and stockpiled by mineral processing are finer in size.According to the difference in size of tailings, mine tailings recovery investment and processing output, etc., the European type jaw crusher, vertical roller mill, super-pressure trapezium mill, and ultra-fine mill constitute a complete set of grinding technology. According to the actual situation, choose different equipment combinations, grind the iron tailings again, and prepare glass ceramics after processing to a certain fineness, develop high-grade architectural decoration or industrial damage-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials with high performance and low cost, and improve the technical content and added value of tailings products.

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