Which vertical coal mill is used for the 200 mesh pulverized coal preparation system?

With the increasing shortage of high-quality coking coal resources, the status of blast furnace injection coal in the steel amelting process is increasing. Replacing part of coke with pulverized coal injection can save coking investment, build less coke ovens, and reduce air pollution caused by coking. On the other hand, it can greatly ease the tight supply and demand of coking coal. The coal-to-coal ratio of blast furnaces shows an upward trend year by year, and has gradually become one of the indispensable charges for iron and steel enterprises.

The fineness requirement of blown pulverized coal is generally 200 mesh, and the grinding equipment such as pendulum raymond mill, vertical mill and european version mill can meet its processing requirements. Customers can choose reasonably according to the actual production capacity, capital and other factors.

Fighter Corporation is a well-known manufacturer of grinding mill. It has rich experience and strong strength. It has established a 200 mesh ulverized coal preparation system for a large number of power plants, steel plants and cement plants at home and abroad. The priduction capacity is advanced, the fineness is uniform, and the environmental protection effect is outstanding. Among them, the LM vertical grinding mill and the MTW european version grinding mill are particularly widely used, and are recognized and favored by customers.

If you are interested in 200 mesh pulverized coal preparation system, please click on the online customer service for a detailed consultation.

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