What is the difference between single-cylinder and multi-cylinder cone crushers?

Cone crusher is a commonly used mining machinery and equipment, which is widely used in construction, chemical industry, water conservancy, railway, highway, building materials and other fields. At present, the more advanced cone crushers include single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.

1. Single cylinder cone crusher

Production capacity: 36-2181t/h, feed size ≤560mm

It is developed using the world’s advanced crushing technology, integrating mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and intelligent control technologies, and is widely used in secondary crushing, fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing.

2. Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Production capacity: 72-1100t/h, feed particle size ≤326mm

It is more suitable for crushing high-hard materials such as limestone, iron ore, cobblestone, granite, etc. The design of the laminated crushing cavity makes the discharge particle size more uniform, which is suitable for customers who have strict requirements on product particle shape.

The difference between single-cylinder cone crusher and multi-cylinder cone crusher:

1. Different crushing effects

The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a flexible discharge port, and the discharge particle size is relatively unstable. The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is lamination crushing. The faster the swing speed, the better the lamination crushing effect. The speed of breaking and rotating pendulum of multi-chylinder cone crusher is much faster than that of single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, so the finished product of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a higher level of fine particles and more uniform product particle size.

2. Different production costs

The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has compact structure and low failure rate. It adopts PLC centralized control to facilitate maintenance. The design of constant cavity type prolongs the service life of the lining plate, which is worth investing in in the long run. Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher adopts full hydraulic protection and adjustment device, fixed-axis structure design, small investment in equipment foundation, and the price is lower than that of single-cylinder, which can save the production cost of customers.

3. Different adjustment methods

The main shaft of the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is rotating. Under the action of the hydraulic cylinder, the main shaft is lifted or lowered, and the size of the discharge port is adjusted. The main shaft of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher does not move, and the adjusting ring is driven by pushing the adjusting cap of the cylinder to rotate in the support sleeve, thereby adjusting the size of the discharge opening.

4. Different scope of application

The single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has a better crushing effect on a single material, but if the material in the crushing chamber is promoted to achieve particle-to-particle crushing, the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is not as good as the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. In terms of the scope of application of the equipment , multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is still relatively extensive. Under the same power and production time, the output of multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is about twice that of single cylinder.

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