What are the ways to deal with construction waste?

Construction waste refers to the solid waste generated in the process of new construction, reconstruction, expansion or demolition of buildings. According to the different sources of construction waste, it can be divided into construction waste and demolished construction waste.

After sorting, removing or crushing many wastes in construction waste, most of them can be reused as renewable resources, mainly including:

(1) Use waste building concrete and waste masonry to produce coarse and fine aggregates, which can be used to produce concrete and mortar of corresponding strength levels or to prepare building materials such as blocks, wallboards, and floor tiles. Thick and fine aggregates can also be used for highway pavement bases after adding solidified materials.

(2) Use waste bricks and tiles to produce aggregates, which can be used to produce recycled bricks, blocks, wallboards, floor tiles and other building materials.

(3) The muck can be used for road construction, pile foundation filling, foundation foundation, etc.

(4) For waste wood construction waste, wood that has not been significantly damaged can be directly reused for reconstruction of buildings, and heavily damaged wood components can be used as raw materials for wood recycled panels or papermaking.

(5) Waste road asphalt mixture can be directly used for recycled asphalt concrete in an appropriate proportion.

(6) Waste road concrete can be processed into recycled aggregate for the preparation of recycled concrete.

Among them, the most used treatment method is the treatment method of green recycling and reuse. Through professional crushing and screening equipment (such as the PE series of jaw crushers), the solid construction waste can be processed into gravel or stone, or through PF or The PFW impact crusher is processed into more crushed sand and gravel aggregate, and the sand making equipment becomes reusable sand after processing, and the solid waste resources of construction waste can be turned into renewable resources for human use.

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