What are the methods of crushing

Crushing is a process in which big materials become smaller in size under the action of mechanical force, and is an important link in beneficiation production.
In the crushing process, the force of the crushing equipment is: when crushing the ore, in order to overcome the cohesive force of the ore, an external force must be applied. For the crushing of ore, at present, it mainly relies on the action of mechanical force, and there are 5 most common crushing methods.

1) Crush
It uses the pressure generated when the two working faces gradually approach the ore to pulverize the ore. The characteristic of this method is that the force gradually increases, and the force has a larger range of action.

2) Chop
It uses the splitting force of the tines to wedge the ore to pulverize the ore. It is characterized by a relatively concentrated range of force and local rupture.

3) Broken
When the ore is crushed, the ore is broken due to the bending force that is concentrated in the opposite direction. The characteristic of this method is that in addition to the splitting force at the point of action of the external force, it is also subjected to the action of the bending force, so it is easy to pulverize the ore.

4) Grinding
It uses the working face to move relatively on the surface of the ore, thereby generating shearing force on the ore. This force acts on the surface of the grinding stone, so it is suitable for grinding fine-grained materials.

5) Shock
It is the use of instantaneous impact force to act on the ore. Due to the high impact speed, the deformation cannot be extended to the whole of the impacted object, and the local stress is large at the impact point. The impact has the greatest damage to the ore, so the crushing effect is the best. Because the force acts on the ore instantaneously, the impact is also called dynamic crushing.

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