Vertical grinding mill provides high-quality solutions for lithium ore powder production

With the rapid development of renewable energy, as the main battery technology in the new energy field, lithium-ion batteries have received widespread attention.

Lithium ore is one of the main raw materials for manufacturing lithium-ion batteries. But lithium ore cannot be directly used to process lithium batteries. It needs to be used to extract lithium carbonate before it can be used in the field of lithium batteries. The process of refining lithium carbonate from lithium ore includes the following main steps: ore crushing, pickling, leaching, filtration, precipitation, filtration and washing, drying and sintering, and fine grinding.

As one of the important raw materials for lithium-ion batteries, lithium ore powder has a key impact on the performance and quality of lithium batteries. In the production process of lithium ore powder, the grinding technology of lithium ore mill has become a key link for high-quality lithium ore powder. We provide a high-precision and high-efficiency lithium ore powder production solution. The vertical mill has great advantages in lithium ore powder processing. First of all, its powder selection accuracy is high. According to the requirements of different processing fineness, a cage type powder selector or a conical rotor powder selector can be used. The accuracy and quality of the customer’s finished powder are effectively guaranteed. Secondly, it has high grinding efficiency, high single-machine production capacity, and an hourly output of up to 3-80 tons. It is a relatively large-scale grinding equipment in the powder processing industry and is suitable for large-scale grinding production lines.

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