The reasons for the wear of the crushing cavity of the cone crusher

The section where the moving cone is close to the static cone is the crushing cavity. The crushing cavity is the most important part of the cone crusher. It controls the particle size of the crushed product and the output of the whole machine. Of course, damage is also the most frequent, especially wear and tear. The main reasons for the wear of the crushing chamber are:

1. High hardness of ore

When the cone crusher is crushing ore, if the hardness of the crushed ore is too high, the impact and bump force received by the cavity wall of the crushing cavity will increase, and the long-term impact and bump will increase the wear of the crushing cavity and cause damage to the crushing cavity. Therefore, attention should be paid to the nature of the ore in production, and the hardness cannot exceed the limit of the equipment.

2. Too much residual material in the cavity

Although some accumulated material remains in the crushing chamber under certain circumstances, it can protect the crushing chamber from being damaged by direct contact with the material. However, too much material accumulated in the cavity will affect the crushing of the material in the cavity, and there is not enough space for operation, so the machine will actively increase the impact force on the material, of course, it will also bring certain damage to the crushing cavity, and even serious wear. Therefore, there is an appropriate amount of material remaining in the cavity, and it is not too much.

3. The crushing cavity is blocked

During work, if the crushing cavity is blocked, it will not only affect the output of the equipment, but also bring great damage to the crushing cavity. If the wear is serious, when the crushing cavity of the cone crusher is blocked, the material cannot be discharged quickly, the fixed and moving cone still crush the material, and the continuous impact and bumping in the cavity will cause the crushing cavity to be worn and damaged.

4. Poor quality of crushing cavity

If the raw material of the crushing cavity is too poorly, and its wear resistance are very low, then the use time will not last long in the work, especially when the hardness of the material is too high or too large, it will rapidly increase the wear and tear of the crushing cavity, reduce the life of the crushing cavity. It is recommended that you try to use the original raw materials configured by the original factory.

5. The feeding method is incorrect

Feeding is a very important step in the equipment. If the material is not put into the dividing tray first, but directly into the crushing cavity, it will cause great damage to the crushing cavity. When the material enters the cavity without passing through the dividing plate, the steepness and inclination of the feeding material are too high, which increases the inertial force of the feeding material,it is easy to damage the crushing chamber or cause wear of the crushing chamber components.

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