The feeding method and configuration of sand making machine

Mechanism sand generally uses high-hardness stones (river pebble, granite, quartz stone, basalt), medium-hardness stones (coal gangue, limestone) as raw materials, as well as weathered stones, construction waste (concrete blocks), mine tailings, etc. They are also suitable for processing into mechanism sand. The strength and particle size of mechanism sand made of different stones are different. The following is a general introduction to several commonly used raw materials;

1. River pebble is a widely used and good-quality mechanism sand material. It is a good substitute for natural sand in terms of strength, grain shape and color.

2. Limestone is widely distributed in nature and is easy to obtain. It can be used as raw material for sand and stone at the same time, and stone powder can be reused.

3. Granite with high quartz content and low sulfide content is a good quality mechanism sand raw material, but the problem of dust needs to be solved during the production process.

4. Coal gangue has a certain degree of hardness. Relevant data shows that coal gangue accounts for 15-20% of coal production and has abundant reserves. It is a resource reuse stone and can also effectively solve environmental pollution.

The use of mechanism sand instead of natural sand is common in industries such as road construction and bridge construction, house construction, etc. As an important component of concrete structural materials, the quality can directly affect the quality and durability of the project, and the corresponding grade of sand must be used in conjunction with it, such as: coarse Sand 0.5mm or more, medium sand 0.5-0.35mm, fine sand 0.35-0.25mm.

Equipment configuration of mechanism sand production line: Generally, the production line is equipped with feeder, jaw crusher (mainly responsible for coarse crushing), impact crusher (mainly responsible for secondary crushing and intermediate crushing), sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine and conveyor;

You can choose whether to use secondary crushing equipment according to the characteristics of the material, the size of the feed material, the output, etc., and in order to meet the different processing needs of customers, it can be equipped with a cone crusher and dust removal device.

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