The comparison of vertical mill and ball mill

At present, in industrial production, most enterprises use vertical mill or ball mill to grind ore, which are very different from these two types of equipment.

Traditional ball mill mainly rely on the medium impact ore to perform crushing. Most of the contacts are used. When the impact of the medium on the ore is too large, the crushing behavior of the ore is often mainly through penetration. However, the purpose of grinding is not simply to improve the fineness of the product, and it is more mainly to maximize the use of minerals and accompanying pulse minerals.

Vertical mill is mainly manifested as the friction and wear between the medium and the ore. The relative exercise with the material is stripped by the lumpy lumps on the surface of the material through these violent frictions, making the surface of the particles smooth and rich in cracks. Friction and wear are more conducive to the unreasonable separation of minerals. At the same time, under the effect of the medium on the severe friction of the ore, the pulse stones wrapped in the outer layer of the mineral will gradually be peeled, enhancing the cracking of the mineral along the interface, which will help the exposure of minerals.It can improve the recovery rate and taste of concentrate.


After comparison of vertical mill and ball mill, the milling effect of vertical mill is better than the ball mill. In addition, according to different materials such as materials, fineness requirements, and output, you can choose different configuration vertical mills. FIGHTER can help you choose the most suitable grinding equipment.

Compared with the ball mill,LM vertical mill’s energy consumption decreases by 40-50%. It covers an area of only 50% of the ball mill. It has the advantages of efficient energy saving and environmental protection. The equipment is convenient and the operating cost is low.It is widely used in grinding cement raw materials, clinics, power plant desulfurization, slag, steel residue, manganese ore, gypsum, coal and other materials and the finished products are reliable.

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