The advantage of the 200 tph large tower-type sand making machine

The overall sand -making building adopts the steel structure, which has a variety of processing advantages of modern aggregate production. The transportation cost is low, the area is small, the production pollution is small, and the energy is saved. The advantages of the sand tower are as follows:

1. Crushing technology: Compared with the traditional sand making machine, the secondary shaping are performed to make the finished product of the product better, producing more fine materials (0.15-0.3mm), and the traditional sand making machine finished sand of 0.15-0.3mm is about 3%-8%, and the sand-making building of 0.15-0.3mm is between 10%-16%.

2. Wind selection and screening technology: Vibration, screening, and negative pressure removal are completed in one cavity. By controlling the total air volume of the system to control the total air volume of the system, the product sand content is controlled. The mold can be controlled at 2.3-3.2. In addition, the entire production process is fully sealed, and the dust is concentrated in the powder mines through negative pressure to achieve zero dust emissions.

3. Double -pole recycling technology: recycle more fine sand to better protect the dust removal filter bag.

4. Cheap raw materials: cheap tail materials and waste materials such as “stone dandruff” and “melon seed slices” can be used as raw materials, which achieves low cost.

The finished sand -making building is round, the surface edges and corners, the burrs are greatly reduced, and the armor blue value is <0.5; the liquidity performance increases by more than 10%, and the gap rate is reduced by more than 2%. In the case of any hardware, the fineness of the fine degree can be regulated from 2.3-2.9 and the powder content from 5%-13%.

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