Sand aggregate modular crushing production line in Russia

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Sand aggregate modular crushing production line in Russia

Equipment: European Type Jaw Crusher, Hydraulic cone crusher

Place of use: Russia

Processed material: hard rock

Input size: Output size: 0-25 mm

Capacity : 200 t/h

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The project mainly focuses on hard rock crsushing, with a designed output of 200 tons per hour. As a renovation project for a Russian customer, in terms of process design, we have proposed a plan that meets the actual production needs of the customer. In view of the shortcomings of the original production line, such as excessive infrastructure, high investment, and low efficiency, we propose the use of modular production line equipment, which can reduce customer investment costs, shorten the process flow, be more flexible and diverse in terms of equipment configuration, and at the same time ensure the goal of improving production efficiency. Not only that, but the whole production line will be more intelligent and green.

Fighter Corporation will provide full-process services from process design, equipment selection, installation and commissioning. The equipment adopts modular equipment. This set of equipment has significant advantages in reducing investment costs, shortening the process flow, and flexible matching. It can also greatly improve production efficiency and create greater benefits for customers.


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