Process of 50t/h kaolin grinding production line

Kaolin is mainly composed of illite, hydromica, montmorillonite and other minerals. It has good plasticity, fire resistance and other characteristics, and has a wide ranger of uses in ceramics, rubber, building materials and other fields.

Due to the wide range of uses of kaolin, the demand for kaolin powder in the market is very large. The kaolin grinding production line is a complete set of preparation equipment for processing kaolin. The main equipment includes crushers, conveying equipment, grinding mill machine, pulse dust collectors, collection systems and packaging production lines, which can basically meet the entire processing process of kaolin raw materials from crushing to final packaging.

It should be noted that tha kaolin grinding mill needs to be selected according to the particle size range of the kaolin after grinding. If the finished product is to be processed to 80-600 mesh, the raymond mill can be used. If the finished product is to be processed to 320-2500 mesh, it is recommended to exceed ultrafin grinding mill. Of course, some factors such as production capacity, moisture, and configuration location need to be considered. Therefore, it is recommended to consult the mill brand manufacturers to provide needs for professionals to design a kaolin grinding production line. These are more targeted and systematically guaranteed.

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