Petroleum coke powdering project in Iran

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Petroleum coke powdering project in Iran

Equipment: LM vertical mill

Place of use: Iran

Processed material: Petroleum coke

Input size: 3mmOutput size: 200 mesh D95

Capacity : 13-15T/H

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Petroleum coke is a product produced after crude oil is distilled to separate light and heavy oil, and then the heavy oil is transformed through a thermal cracking process. From the appearance, the coke is a black block (or particle) with irregular shape and different sizes. ), has a metallic luster, and the coke particles have a porous structure. The main element composition is carbon, accounting for more than 80%, containing 1.5%-8% hydrogen, and the rest is oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and metal elements. According to different uses, it can be used as a carburizing agent or a combustion accelerant. Different uses require different petroleum coke particle sizes.

Live situation:
The project was officially put into production in June 2021. When the mill is working on-site, the material falls into the middle of the grinding disc from the discharge port, and the large materials are directly crushed, and the fine-grained materials are squeezed to form a material bed for inter-granular crushing. The crushed materials continue to move toward the edge of the grinding disc until they are taken away by the strong airflow at the wind ring, and the larger particles fall back onto the grinding disc to continue crushing. Finally, the qualified fine powder is ground together with the airflow.

Customer reviews:

We are old customer of Fighter. The European version of the mill we purchased in 2015 has low power and high output. It is still in normal production. Due to the high process requirements and small equipment selection space of vertical mills used in the field of petroleum coke powdering, Fighter was selected after careful comparison. Practice has proved that Fighter’s vertical mills can meet our petroleum coke powdering needs while operating stably, safe and environmentally friendly, more energy-saving and evenly discharged without impurities, which makes us very satisfied!


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