Measures to control the production cost of machine-made sand

From the proposal of the machine-made sand production project to the sale of the product and obtaining economic benefits, several important stages must be passed.

1. Feasibility study stage
(1)Understand the use field of machine-made sand and the influence of machine-made sand with different characteristics on its performance
(2)Fully investigate the local market situation of the project, and be familiar with relevant national, local and industry standards
(3) The site selection of the project should conduct sufficient in-depth investigations on resource reserves, ore body distribution, transportation, water, electricity and other conditions
(4)In-depth research and analysis of environmental and social risks and other related impacts

2. Production line design stage
(1)The geological conditions of the construction site of the survey project, combined with the distribution of the ore body and the mining plan, and the layout of the production line using the topography and landforms
(2)After reasonable design by the professional design team, the unit product investment can be reduced by about 30 yuan, and the production cost can be reduced by 3-5 yuan

3. Production stage
(1)It is necessary to rationally adjust the staffing, respect the scientific management system, and standardize the operation.
(2)Scientific monitoring equipment operation can save energy consumption costs.

The sand and aggregate mining industry is moving towards industrialization, standardization and green development, and the market and policy environment for machine-made sand are promising. Sufficient market demand research, reasonable design plans that meet product characteristics and requirements, and active management and control of construction and production processes are important means of cost control for machine-made sand production.

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