Manganese ore grinding production line in Libya

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Manganese ore grinding production line in Libya

Equipment: LM vertical mill

Place of use: Libya

Processed material: manganese ore

Input size: Output size: 200 mesh

Capacity : 24-26 tons/hour

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The customer ordered a LM vertical mill for manganese ore grinding production. The fineness of manganese ore powder is required to be 200 mesh, and the actual output is 24-26 tons per hour, which is high-yield and efficient, energy-saving and consumption-reducing. The production line adopts a closed-circuit system, full-pulse dust collection, clean and environmentally friendly.

Customer Feedback

We are a large-scale manganese ore development and deep processing enterprise, and we have strict requirements on suppliers. The quality of Fighter Corporation’s vertical mill is stable, the output reaches the standard, and the after-sales service is also in place. We are satisfied.


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