Magnesite spring cone crusher

Magnesite is a magnesium carbonate mineral that is the primary source of magnesium. When a solution containing magnesium acts on calcite, it will turn the calcite into magnesite, so magnesite also belongs to the calcite group. Magnesium-rich rocks also change into magnesite. Magnesite often contains iron, which is the result of iron or manganese replacing magnesium. Magnesite is white or off-white, with glassy luster, and iron-containing magnesite will appear yellow to brown. If crystals appear, it is granular; if no crystals appear, it is lumpy. In addition to refining magnesium, magnesite is mainly used as refractory materials, building materials, chemical raw materials, and refining magnesium metal and magnesium compounds.

As the demand for magnesite mining increases, the demand for magnesite processing equipment is also increasing. FIGHTER’s spring cone crusher helps make a qualitative leap in the field of magnesite. Professional magnesite processing equipment, continuous moving cone rotating, the material crushing process and discharging process are alternately and continuously carried out along the working surface, with high productivity. The material is sandwiched between the two cones and is subjected to extrusion, bending and shearing. It is easier to crush, the power consumption is lower, the product material is more uniform, and it is in the shape of a cube. The wear of the working surface of the moving cone is also more uniform, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

The innovation and development of crusher technology has also played a great role in the effective development of magnesite. We will continue to increase our research on magnesite and develop equipment with better performance.

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