Low-grade gold ore beneficiation technology and cyanide heap leaching gold extraction technology application

Low-grade gold ore, as the name implies, refers to ore with lower gold grade, which is more difficult to beneficiated. To effectively extract the gold therein, a suitable beneficiation process is required. Cyanide heap leaching gold extraction technology has become the main method for extracting gold from low-grade gold mines due to its simple process, low cost, and strong adaptability to ores.

The basic principle of cyanide heap leaching gold extraction technology is to use cyanide solution to chemically react with the gold in the ore to dissolve the gold in the solution, and then extract the gold through a series of processing steps. In practical applications, this technology includes ore preparation, heap leaching, solution collection and processing, gold recovery and other links.

Ore preparation is the first step in cyanide heap leaching gold extraction technology. First, the ore needs to be crushed and screened to increase the surface area of the ore and increase the dissolution rate of gold. The ore is then piled into piles for the leaching operation.

Heap leaching is the core step of this technology. Spray the cyanide solution onto the ore pile so that the solution fully contacts the ore and a chemical reaction occurs. During this process, gold gradually dissolves in the solution and is collected as the solution flows.

Solution collection and treatment is to recover the gold in the gold-containing solution. Commonly used methods include activated carbon adsorption, ion exchange, solvent extraction, etc. These methods can effectively separate gold from solution and obtain high-purity gold products.

The recovery of gold is the last step. After solution treatment, the gold-containing material obtained can be further purified through electrolysis, smelting and other methods to obtain the final gold product.

However, cyanide heap leaching gold extraction technology also faces some challenges in its application. For example, the use of cyanide has a certain impact on the environment, and corresponding environmental protection measures need to be taken to reduce its harm. In addition, factors such as the nature of the ore and the geological conditions of the deposit will also affect the effectiveness of this technology. Therefore, in practical applications, technical optimization and improvement need to be carried out according to specific circumstances.

In order to improve the efficiency and recovery rate of cyanide heap leaching gold extraction technology, exploration and research can be conducted from the following aspects. The first is to develop new leaching agents and catalysts to improve the dissolution rate and selectivity of gold. The second is to optimize the structure and spraying method of the ore pile to improve the contact efficiency between the solution and the ore. The third is to strengthen research on solution treatment and gold recovery technology to improve gold recovery rate and product quality.

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