Lithium ore crushing and grinding equipment

Lithium element is highly active. It often exists in the form of compounds in the earth’s crust, and is mainly distributed in nature in the form of salt lake brine, hard rock lithium ore and lithium clay ore. Affected by production costs and process maturity, mineral lithium extraction is currently one of the important ways to obtain lithium resources.

Lithium ore is an associated ore with low grade. Precious lithium resources often coexist closely with other substances. In order to separate the monomers of lithium resources, lithium ores such as spodumene and lepidolite must undergo a complete set of professional processing procedures, including: crushing and screening, grinding and classification, flotation and purification, magnetic separation of tailings, etc. Crushing of lithium ore, screening and grinding are at the front end of the entire process.

The mined lithium ore is large in size and needs to be coarsely crushed with jaw crusher first. The resulting coarse material is sent to the secondary cone crusher for further crushing, and the discharged material enters the vibrating screen for pre-screening. The particles with qualified particle size materials enter the fine cone crusher, and unqualified materials return to continue crushing. Output fine materials below 15mm in preparation for entering the grinding process.

Calcined lithium ore has high hardness and is difficult to grind. It is recommended to use a more powerful vertical mill. The vertical mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding, and grading and transportation. It can handle the grinding and processing of medium and high hardness ores. The output of a single machine can reach 6-80 tons per hour.

The fineness of the finished product of lithium ore generally needs to be ground to 200 mesh to obtain better flotation results, and to better ensure the uniformity of the mix in the downstream production process. The vertical mill powder separator adopts cage type powder separator and conical rotor powder separator respectively, which have high powder selection accuracy and stable product quality, and can meet the high-precision processing requirements of lithium ore in the new energy field.

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