HP type cone crusher

The machine crushes materials according to the principle of lamination crushing and realizes selective crushing. The advantage of selective crushing is that the material is crushed along the defects on the crystal surface, which not only saves energy consumption, but also has good product particle size characteristics, reduces over-crushing, and meets the requirements of more crushing and less grinding to the greatest extent.

The machine adopts group slow cone, peripheral multi-cylinder hydraulic locking, spherical tile support structure, large crushing force, high swing frequency, large eccentric distance, large-capacity motor, to achieve strengthened crushing and improve processing capacity; the machine is equipped with rotary cloth It can automatically control the amount of ore feeding, so that the material is evenly distributed along the periphery of the crushing cavity; it also has a hydraulic adjustment mechanism; it automatically controls the size of the discharge opening, thereby realizing the control of the product particle size; it is also equipped with a hydraulic insurance and a cleaning system for iron release, to ensure the safe operation of the crusher. The machine has been applied in many concentrators in China with good results.

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