How to do if the high -speed crusher rotor fails

The reason for the failure of the high -speed crusher rotor


1. The surface of the rotor is rough, and there is a sewing and cutting phenomenon at the installation board.

2. No heat treatment was performed after rotor casting, so they began to be put into use.

3. Due to cast defects such as mixed, flushing, pores, etc., the rotor fails.

The processing method of rotor failure


1. Strictly control the process of the rotor casting process and improve the quality of the casting.

2. After the rotor is cast, the casting should be performed accordingly, so that the mechanical performance should meet the design standards.

3. During the process of rotor processing, it is necessary to strictly follow the process requirements. The non -processing casting surface shall not use flame cutting and re -processing to avoid surface defects and surface cracks.

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