How much does a complete set of construction waste crushing treatment equipment?

With the development of infrastructure, more and nore construction waste has been generated. At present, construction waste has accounted for 30%-40% of the total urban waste. The crushed construction waste is very useful. The large particles can be used as roadbeds, the medium particles can be used as raw materials for concrete production, and the finely crushed ones can be used as filling materials.

Fixed crushing production line

Stationary construction waste equipment is mainly construction production line equipment based on stationary crushers, as well as feeders, crushers, vibrating screens, belt conveyors and other equipment. Stationary production lines are mainly used for relatively concentrated construction waste and are suitable for large batch processing.

Mobile crushing production line

There are two types of mobile construction waste treatment equipment, one is a tire-type mobile crushing station and the other is a crawler-type mobile crushing station. The mobile crushing station is an all-in-one equipment that integrates feeders, crushers, and vibrating screens. Mobile construction waste crushing equipment occupies a small area, flexible transitions, no need to build basic equipment, and reduce transportation costs.

The current quotations on the market are different, depending on the equipment selected by the customer. Different matching schemes and different selected equipment will naturally have different prices. Because of the variety of matching forms, the price of the production line will also vary.

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