Fighter Service Record under the Epidemic——Cloud Signing

The outbreak of the epidemic, looking at the daily increase of confirmed and asymptomatic, we face the sudden outbreak of the epidemic again and again with an increasingly fast and effective response mechanism. At the same time as scientific epidemic prevention, we have the confidence and ability to provide you with the same. The service is a constant calm and persistence belonging to Fighter.

Cloud signing

During the epidemic, Fighter opened a new mode of online signing. Although the epidemic prevents you from visiting in person, the service that Fighter opens for you must be full of ritual.

Safe Production

Under the strict anti-epidemic measures, the entire line of business has been steadily promoted, the consultation hotline has been kept unblocked, and the production and delivery preparations have been carried out normally. Under the premise, the company’s preparation and delivery business will be pushed forward normally.

non stop service

In order to solve the problems of users in a timely manner, during the epidemic period, video conferences are supported, and intelligent business negotiation can solve the problem of distance; Fighter maintains a smooth 24-hour online service channel, and our pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services are all carried out normally online. You can contact us to get real-time company news and real-time feeds of the factory area, help you visit and inspect the company online, customer service to answer questions at any time, and no need to wait for product and technical consultation.

We will never appear to be defeated by the epidemic. Next time you sign a contract, we cordially invite you to come!

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