Crushing equipment for coal mine crushing

Coal is the most important solid fuel and a type of flammable organic rock. It is formed by the luxuriant plants growing in a certain geological age, gradually accumulating into thick layers in a suitable geological environment, and being buried in the water bottom or sediment. It is formed through natural coalification over a long geological age. The mined coal needs to be crushed before it can be more easily transported, sold and used.

Crusher for coal mines include:

Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is divided into two specifications: coarse crushing and medium and fine crushing. The former is used for coarse crushing in coal mines, and the latter is used as an option for fine crushing. The technology of this equipment is relatively mature, the design process is particularly advanced, and it has incomparable advantages and features:

1. The design of a deeper crushing cavity with no dead space inside improves the feeding capacity and output while also effectively improving efficiency and avoiding material clogging;

2. Designed with a safe and reliable lubrication system, the replacement of each component is simpler and more convenient. Equipment maintenance is more time-saving and labor-saving, effectively reducing maintenance, operation and other costs;

3. It has a simple structure, stable operation and reliable quality. At the same output, it is smaller in size and occupies less space than other crushers, saving investment costs such as civil construction and labor.

Hammer crusher

The hammer crusher is a special crusher for coal mines. It is composed of a box, a rotor, a hammer and other components. It generally relies on impact energy to complete the crushing operation of materials. It has significant advantages and features:

1. The working hammer head adopts innovative technology and is designed with wear-resistant and compression-resistant materials. It has stronger impact resistance, is more durable, requires fewer replacements, and at the same time improves crushing efficiency;

2. It has a compact structural design, beautiful external structure, fewer wearing parts, and very simple and convenient maintenance. It effectively solves a series of problems of dust pollution and ash leakage in the coal crushing process;

3. Large output, good energy saving, and a large adjustment range for the particle size of the finished crushed coal, which can better meet production needs. At the same time, the crushing effect is good, the particle size is uniform, and there are no impurities.

Mobile crusher

The mobile crusher is an ideal crusher choice that combines unit integration. It is divided into two types: crawler type and tire type. It is very convenient to move and has outstanding advantages and features:

1. Flexible vehicle-mounted functions allow it to travel freely and flexibly, whether on highways, mountain roads, or in work areas, with more flexible operation and simpler operation;

2. Crushed materials do not need to be moved from the site and can be directly processed for crushing, which can effectively reduce transportation costs, reduce operating burden, and make use faster;

3. It consumes less kinetic energy and saves electricity bills. At the same time, the equipment operation process eliminates all dust, noise and other pollution, completely realizing green and environmentally friendly operation;

4. Large output, high efficiency, short operating cycle, quick installation of equipment, very low investment, few failures, and very safe and stable operation.

In addition, special crushers for coal mines also include cone crushers, roller crushers, compound crushers, etc. Each equipment has different production capacity, crushing fineness, price, etc.

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