Complete set of construction waste recycling production system

The urban construction waste recycling process uses special equipment such as construction waste crushers, vibrating screens, and vibrating feeders to crush and screen construction waste to obtain recycled aggregates and reuse waste resources. The sorted construction waste is removed by the dry magnetic separator to remove the iron substances contained in it, and then processed into regenerated sand and gravel aggregates of a certain size after being crushed by coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing equipment. Finally, it is used in roadbed stones, non-burning bricks, cement admixtures, etc.

The crusher used in construction waste treatment can be distinguished according to its operation object or structure and working principle. According to the work object, it can be divided into the following three types.
① Coarse crusher. It is used for the first crushing of bulk materials, and the maximum material block diameter that can be processed is more than 1m. It is mainly crushed by crushing method.
②Medium crusher. The particle size of the processed material is not more than 350mm, and it is mainly use lamination crushing or extrusion crushing.
③ Fine crusher. It is used for grinding materials with a particle size of 2 – 60mm, the product size is not more than 0.1 – 0.3mm, the smallest can be less than 0.1mm, and the crushing ratio can reach more than 1000.
The whole line has smooth discharge, reliable operation, convenient operation, high output and energy saving.

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