Bituminous Coal Grinding Mill Project

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Bituminous Coal Grinding Mill Project

Equipment: LM2200M Vertical Mill

Place of use: Gansu, China

Processed material: bituminous coal

Input size: <30mmOutput size: 200 mesh, D90

Capacity : 45-48T/H

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The project was put into production in 2018 for the preparation of clean coal powder. The client is a clean energy company, which is mainly engaged in coal pulverization, coal, and blue carbon processing and sales. Based on rich coal powder preparation experience, customers are quite familiar with grinding equipment, and they are also more professional when choosing products. Fighter Corporation’s vertical coal mill has obvious advantages, and the quality of coal powder is high.

Customer Reviews

Having been engaged in pulverized coal processing for so many years, I have used a lot of equipment and Fighter Corporation’s equipement is very good. Since the start of production, the production has never stopped, the fineness of the powder has reached the standard, the output has exceeded expectations, and the quality of the coal powder is very good. We are very satisfied. Fighter Corporation company is a good partner for long-term cooperation.


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