Activated carbon grinding processing plant

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Activated carbon grinding processing plant

Equipment: LM vertical mill

Place of use: Henan

Processed material: Activated carbon

Input size: 4mmOutput size: 20-400 mesh

Capacity : 15 t/h

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Activated carbon contains a large amount of micropores, which can effectively remove color and odors. Most organic pollutants and certain inorganic objects can be removed in the water, which contains some toxic heavy metals.

Activated carbon powder grinding process process:

The first stage: crushing

Large activated carbon is broken by crushing machine to the feeding fineness (15mm-50mm) that can enter the grinding machine.

The second stage: grinding

The crushed activated carbon small pieces were sent to the silo by the elevator, and then the feeder was sent to the grinding room to grind it. Then send into the grinding mill evenly by the vibration machine.

Third stage: classification

The powder after grind is classified by the powder selection machine. The unqualified powder is classified and returned to the mill to re -grind.

Fourth stage: collection of powder

The collected finished powder is sent to the finished material warehouse by the delivery device, and then packaged with a powder tanker or automatic packing machine.


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