80-400 mesh lepidolite grinding mill production line

The process of producing lithium carbonate is based on lepidolite and spodumene as raw materials. No matter what kind of process, you need to grind the lepidolite and spodumene through the grinding mill into fine powder, and then enter the latter process.


We produce LM vertical grinding mill and European type grinding mill, which can grind the lepidolite and spodumene into 80-400 mesh fine powder. The powder milling efficiency is high, the output is large, and the quality of the finished product is stable, which can meet the process of producing lithium carbonate.

The grinding production line designed by our engineers is stable, reliable, and energy -saving. It adopts a closed -circuit system, operates negative pressure, and environmentally friendly. The supporting full pulse dust collection system, the ash clearing effect is good, and the efficiency of powder is high. It is an ideal choice for the large and small scale powder grinding plant.

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