80-100 tons / hour small construction waste crusher

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80-100 tons / hour small construction waste crusher

Equipment: mobile crusher, impact crusher, jaw crusher, sand washing machine

Place of use: Henan

Processed material: Construction waste

Input size: 650mmOutput size: 0-5mm, 5-20mm, 20-40mm recycled aggregate

Capacity : 80-100 tons / hour

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In the construction and production of crushing construction waste, the small construction waste crusher is generally equipped with a mobile type, that is, the output of the mobile construction waste crusher is between 100-200 tons per hour, and the construction waste can be crushed into construction stones for recycling. Construction waste can also be pulverized into sand for concrete recycling; construction waste has a wide range of uses after pulverization, and the recycling prospect is good

The mobile construction waste crusher is mainly composed of feeding, crushing, screening, transportation and other units. According to the different division of labor, it can be produced in any combination; it is used in various occasions and various needs. The mobile construction waste shredder can not only operate under the mains, but also operate with diesel engine power generation. In the event of a sudden power failure, it can directly switch to the power system for production, without the need for shutdown, saving man-hours and ensuring output.



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