325 mesh ore R-type raymond mill

The R-type raymond mill is also a pendulum mill, which is a particularly general-purpose milling equipment in the powder processing industry. “R” refers to the number of grinding rollers. For example, 3R means 3 grinding rollers, and 3r raymond mill is considered to be the most popular mill on the market. Its fineness adjustment range of the finished powder is generally 80-325 mesh.

The product advantages of pendulum raymond mill are as follows:

1. Vertical structure, small footprint, strong system, from rough processing of raw materials to finished product packaging, it can be an independent production system.

2. The transmission device of the main engine adopts a sealed gear box and belt wheel, and the transmission is stable to ensure that the system runs in a good condition.

3. The core components are made of high-performance wear-resistant materials, with fine craftsmanship, excellent casting and high durability.

4. The electrical system adopts centralized control, and the grinding workshop can basically realize unmanned operation; it has less dust, low noise, and high screening rate.

Raymond mill customer case:

Sichuan Jiangyou Limestone Pulverizing Project

In 2005, a YGM95 high-pressure suspension roller mill successfully opened the Jiangyou market; in 2012, more than 20 sets of MTW European version mills entered strongly to help the local calcium industry transformation and upgrading project; following another cooperation in 2015, the project was launched in October 2017 smoothly put into production. Since 13 years of sincere cooperation, Liming Heavy Industry has become a reliable mill supplier for local powder companies.

Processing material: Limestone

Production capacity: 55-65T/H

Feeding particle size: 0-10mm

Fineness of finished product: 250 mesh

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