30TPH Granite Mobile Crushing Plant in Russia

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30TPH Granite Mobile Crushing Plant in Russia

Equipment: Y3S58G93E57Y55B

Place of use: Blagoveschensk, Russia

Processed material: granite

Input size: 300 mmOutput size: 0-5 mm, 5-20 mm

Capacity : 30t/h

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This site is located in Blagoveschensk, Russia. There are many production sites of Fighter in Russia, and this 30tph Blagoveschensk mobile crushing plant is just one of them. In this production line, they wanted to crush granite, the input size is 300mm, and the output size is 0-5 mm or 5-20 mm. So we recommended the Y3S58G93E57Y55B mobile crushing plant to them, this machine takes an good effect on it, which makes the capacity reach 30t/h. It’s the best choice for them.


If you need a crushing production line, contact us, we will give you the best solution according to your requirements. And please tell me these informations about your project:

1.What raw material do you want to crush? I mean the stone name.

2.What is the capacity you except? I mean how many tons per hour.

3.What is the input size? I mean the raw material size.

4.What are the output sizes you need? I mean the final size.

5.Please tell me your phone number and email.

Then all the information will be sent to you as soon as we get your response. Now, contact us!


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