300 tph river pebbles manufactured sand production line

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300 tph river pebbles manufactured sand production line

Equipment: Cone crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, etc.

Place of use: Shanxi

Processed material: River pebbles

Input size: 500mmOutput size: 0-5mm,5-10mm,10-16.5mm,16.5-31.5mm

Capacity : 300 tph

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This customer mainly provides gravel and machine-made sand for the mixing station. The production line is set up close to the river. The main purpose of purchasing the equipment is to use river pebbles to produce gravel and sand.

Considering the high hardness of river pebbles, it will inevitably cause high losses to wear-resistant parts such as jaw plates, plate hammers, and impact plates. In terms of process design, we recommend the use of crushing equipment based on the lamination principle to reduce the loss of wear-resistant parts. The typical lamination equipment configuration is a two-stage jaw crusher or a jaw crusher plus a cone crusher.

If the customer has higher requirements for the particle size of the produced stone, we recommend configuring a sand making machine for shaping and crushing, thus forming a three-stage crushing process configuration. Three-stage crushing will inevitably lead to an increase in the investment cost of the project, but for a long-term sand making plant, the reduction of production costs by three-stage crushing is very considerable.


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