3-5 tph clay ceramic powder production line

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3-5 tph clay ceramic powder production line

Equipment: 2 sets of MTW mills

Place of use: Fujian

Processed material: pottery, clay, pyrophyllite

Input size: 10-30mmOutput size: 100 mesh

Capacity : 3-5 tph

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Ceramic powder making processes can be roughly divided into two types: wet method and dry method. The wet method is currently commonly used.

Wet production line:

Ball mill wet grinding + dryer mainly transports ceramic raw materials into the ball mill, then adds 30~40% water to grind them into slurry, and then uses a drying tower to dry them into powder with a moisture content of 7%. The drying time is relatively long. Long, slow drying and low yield.

Dry production line:

Vertical mill (or T mill) + granulator, mainly grinds ceramic raw materials directly with a mill, then uses a dry granulator for humidification and granulation, and then uses a fluidized bed to dry to control the moisture content of the powder At 7%, enter the stamping process. It has short drying time, fast drying and high output.

The production lines we design for our customers adopt dry production processes. Compared with wet production, dry production saves more than 80% of thermal energy consumption, more than 35% of electricity consumption, reduces emissions by more than 80%, and also saves water-reducing agents, ball stones and other additives.


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