20 tons per hour coal grinding production line

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20 tons per hour coal grinding production line

Equipment: LM vertical grinding mill

Place of use:

Processed material: coal

Input size: ≤ 20mmOutput size: 200 mesh D90

Capacity : 20 tons per hour

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The customer is an activated carbon manufacturer. Considering the environmental protection effect, degreeof automation, equipment maintenance cycle and other factors, the customer finally chose Fighter Corporation’s vertical mill production line. This is another large-scale application of Fighter Corporation’s vertical mill in the activated carbon industry.

LM vertival grinding mill has low noise. The equipment has good sealing, and the system works under negative pressure, with no dust spillage and a clean environment. LM vertical grinding mill has higher grinding effciency. The production line has an output of 20 tons per hour, and the output is considerableand competitive. The project is equipped with a central cotrol system for the mill, which has functions such as temperature monitoring and fault alarms, ensuring that the mill can operate continuously without problems for a long time.


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