100,000 tons calcium carbonate powder production line

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100,000 tons calcium carbonate powder production line

Equipment: MTW European Type Grinding Mill

Place of use: Philippines

Processed material: calcium carbonate

Input size: 10mmOutput size: 325 mesh

Capacity : 100,000tpy

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Recently, there was news from the customer site that the installation of the 100,000 tons calcium carbonate powder production line constructed by Fighter has been completed! The entire milling production line of this project is designed by Fighter, fully combining the user’s site conditions, the process design is reasonable, the layout is compact, and it is intelligent and environmentally friendly!



1.Leading technology

National patented product, the fifth generation mill has been upgraded and transformed, mature and stable.

2.Not easy to block material, high efficiency of powder selection

The curved air duct is curved, and the internal outlet direction is conducive to the dispersion of materials, and it is not easy to block the material; the new hanging cage type powder separator, frequency conversion control, the fineness of the finished product is adjustable and controllable, and the powder selection efficiency is greatly improved.

3.Advanced transmission, stable operation

Integral transmission of bevel gears has strong power, high efficiency, large output and low energy consumption. Sinking design, stable operation, low vibration and low noise.

4.Investment economy, green and environmental protection

It occupies a small area, simple structure layout, strong completeness, low infrastructure cost, short construction period, and quick return of funds. The entire system runs under negative pressure, no dust spills, and meets the latest national environmental protection requirements.

5.Convenient maintenance and low operating cost

Both the main shaft drive system and the fan drive system use rare lubrication, with long oil change intervals, low maintenance frequency and low operating costs.

6.All-in-one comprehensive solution

Provide integrated and comprehensive solutions for design, supply, construction, service, etc., peace of mind, peace of mind, peace of mind!


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